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Since 2001, Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Chapters around the world have been solely relying on private donations. We do not use advertising, nor do we ask for government money to support our activities.


The Swiss chapter of the Wikimedia movement,Wikimedia CH, is looking for partners and benefactors from all horizons.

Growing local initiatives to improve Switzerland-related Wikipedia content takes time and resources. Your support helps us develop and carry out new projects that seek to enhance the overall quality of Wikipedia and its sister projects: we host photographic contests such as Wiki loves Earth; we seek to establish partnerships with Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums across the country to encourage them to better share their collections; we train the next generations of volunteer editors, particularly women. We do a lot.

We are also looking to develop partnerships for our offline dissemination project. Kiwix is a software that makes Wikipedia accessible, anywhere and anytime, even in places where the internet is censored, blocked, too expensive or unavailable. This groundbreaking project has already demonstrated its tremendous potential for people who do not have the freedom to learn or the means to access education across the world, from Western Africa to India to North Korea.

If you believe that Wikipedia is useful and if you wish to play a role in supporting us, we are looking forward to hear from you.


Wikimedia CH is recognized as a registered charity by all the local cantonal tax offices. Your donations are tax-deductible all over Switzerland.


You represent a company or Foundation, are considering a bequest and want to know more about the projects you could support? Drop us a note and let’s talk.